Our mission at “Scouting and Scavenging” is to spur and impact change at the community levels through professional and NCAA teams.

Those of us in sports often take for granted the amenities we are provided as we travel the country for work. Often, hotel toiletries do not even register on our radar. However, when you check out of the hotel these toiletries are either replaced or in many cases thrown out. Collecting these unused items will help eliminate waste and ensure that these products, which may seem insignificant, can be salvaged for those whose personal hygiene often depends on them.

Moving forward, our goal is to establish a network of brand ambassadors across the sports landscape. These would be people who organize the collection efforts of their respective teams throughout a season while partnering with a local community organization. They would share photos with our social media team of their collection efforts while helping to promote the cause to other teams on campus or in the area. Brand ambassadors would meet monthly via Skype to discuss, strategize, and share ideas on ways to raise awareness of the cause.

At the end of the year, these ambassadors would lead a “Scavenging Day of Service” to donate their collected items. Many teams will have organizations in mind that could use these supplies, but others can use this project to spur new community partnerships.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that our mission here at Scouting and Scavenging resonates with you and will spur you to get involved in your own communities.

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