Thank you all for visiting our website. My name is Daniel Marks and I am the founder of “Scouting and Scavenging”. I wanted to take the time to share with you our mission here and encourage each of you to get involved in your own communities.

Scouting and Scavenging was founded in January of 2020. I had read a story about a sports writer who collected unused toiletries from hotel stays over the course of a baseball season. At the end of every year, he would donate those toiletries to a local homeless shelter. Given the frequency at which I travelled for work (pre-COVID 19), I set out to start my own collection for donation.

After a few trips of collecting myself, I had the idea to expand the collection beyond just myself and encourage others in the basketball industry to participate. I created the “Scouting and Scavenging” Instagram account where participants would send photos of items they collected from their travels to be posted hoping it would have the effect of spurring others to take up the cause.

To this point we have had 57 photos submitted to our account before travel was essentially shut down across the country. Given the stoppage of all sports and my location in the New Jersey area, which has been hard hit by the COVID virus, I have had people send me their collected items from this season. Thus far I have received 27 packages of toiletries as well as donation from a local hotel of 7 boxes worth.

Working in conjunction with the Newark Public Schools, these items will be made into kits containing 1 shampoo, soap/body wash, conditioner, body lotion, and toothpaste, for distribution to families in need at a date and time to be determined.

Obviously, this unprecedented time in our country has spurred action in arranging these donations to an area most heavily effected by the virus, but moving forward our goals are to spur grassroots change in local communities across the country.

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